About Maastricht

Maastricht: a break away from home!

When I’m up north in the Netherlands and people hear that I’m from Maastricht, they often tell me: “Oh, that’s such a lovely city. You feel like being in the south of France”.

I just love hearing that. Being born and raised in Maastricht it may all appear very normal to me, but it made me think. Apart from its location in the south (and as result about three degrees warmer in summer than Amsterdam), the culture in the south of the Netherlands is also slightly different.
Maastricht is known for its charming narrow streets with characteristic cobblestones, the Sint Servaas bridge and the splendid churches around the historic city centre. Large parts of the ancient city walls can also still be admired.

Exuberant is another term I often hear.
Connoisseurs in the field of wining, dining and enjoying the good things in life.
There are many things to experience: a romantic weekend together, an adventurous week with the family or just a break away from home!